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Indulge in the lavish elegance of Vorelli Lighting's Gold Collection. This curated selection of bespoke chandeliers embodies the essence of opulence, elevating your space to new levels of grandeur. Immerse yourself in the captivating allure of gold lighting fixtures meticulously crafted with the utmost precision and attention to detail.

Each piece in this collection is a testament to exquisite craftsmanship and timeless beauty, offering a range of designs from classic and ornate to modern and sleek. Elevate your interior decor with the unmistakable radiance of gold and experience the epitome of luxury with Vorelli Lighting's Gold Collection.

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124 Produkte


Avino Circular ChandelierAvino Circular Chandelier
Avino Circular Chandelier Angebot£971.00 - £2,093.00 Angebot£809.17 - £1,744.17(Inc VAT) (Excl VAT)
Boeotia Floor LampBoeotia Floor Lamp
Boeotia Floor Lamp Angebot£910.00 Angebot£758.33(Inc VAT) (Excl VAT)
Boeotia Grandeur Staircase ChandelierBoeotia Grandeur Staircase Chandelier
Boeotia Grandeur Staircase Chandelier Angebot£2,919.00 - £12,164.00 Angebot£2,432.50 - £10,136.67(Inc VAT) (Excl VAT)
Boeotia Table LampBoeotia Table Lamp
Boeotia Table Lamp Angebot£892.00 Angebot£743.33(Inc VAT) (Excl VAT)
Butterfly PendantButterfly Pendant
Butterfly Pendant Angebot£199.00 - £219.00 Angebot£165.83 - £182.50(Inc VAT) (Excl VAT)
Spare £248.00Douala Circular Chandelier
Douala Circular Chandelier Angebot£700.00 Angebot£583.33 Regulärer Preis£948.00 Regulärer Preis£790.00(Inc VAT) (Excl VAT)
Douala Double Circular ChandelierDouala Double Circular Chandelier
Douala Double Circular Chandelier Angebot£1,620.00 - £2,712.00 Angebot£1,350.00 - £2,260.00(Inc VAT) (Excl VAT)
Fantasia Pendant Staircase ChandelierFantasia Pendant Staircase Chandelier
Fantasia Pendant Staircase Chandelier Angebot£1,266.00 - £3,814.00 Angebot£1,055.00 - £3,178.33(Inc VAT) (Excl VAT)
Farnham Pendant Staircase ChandelierFarnham Pendant Staircase Chandelier
Farnham Pendant Staircase Chandelier Angebot£1,032.00 - £2,613.00 Angebot£860.00 - £2,177.50(Inc VAT) (Excl VAT)
Feather Floor LampFeather Floor Lamp
Feather Floor Lamp Angebot£2,058.00 - £3,069.00 Angebot£1,715.00 - £2,557.50(Inc VAT) (Excl VAT)
Feather PendantFeather Pendant
Feather Pendant Angebot£643.00 - £685.00 Angebot£535.83 - £570.83(Inc VAT) (Excl VAT)
Figueroa Rectangular ChandelierFigueroa Rectangular Chandelier
Figueroa Rectangular Chandelier Angebot£1,119.00 - £1,422.00 Angebot£932.50 - £1,185.00(Inc VAT) (Excl VAT)
Figueroa Wall LightFigueroa Wall Light
Figueroa Wall Light Angebot£183.00 Angebot£152.50(Inc VAT) (Excl VAT)
Fira Circular ChandelierFira Circular Chandelier
Fira Circular Chandelier Angebot£656.00 - £2,422.00 Angebot£546.67 - £2,018.33(Inc VAT) (Excl VAT)
Fluente Pendant Staircase ChandelierFluente Pendant Staircase Chandelier
Fluente Pendant Staircase Chandelier Angebot£590.00 - £4,788.00 Angebot£491.67 - £3,990.00(Inc VAT) (Excl VAT)
Fluente Rectangular ChandelierFluente Rectangular Chandelier
Fluente Rectangular Chandelier Angebot£705.00 - £1,009.00 Angebot£587.50 - £840.83(Inc VAT) (Excl VAT)
Gombe PendantGombe Pendant
Gombe Pendant Angebot£182.00 Angebot£151.67(Inc VAT) (Excl VAT)
Grantchester Circular ChandelierGrantchester Circular Chandelier
Grantchester Circular Chandelier Angebot£789.00 - £2,499.00 Angebot£657.50 - £2,082.50(Inc VAT) (Excl VAT)
Grantchester PendantGrantchester Pendant
Grantchester Pendant Angebot£789.00 - £817.00 Angebot£657.50 - £680.83(Inc VAT) (Excl VAT)
Grantchester Rectangular ChandelierGrantchester Rectangular Chandelier
Grantchester Rectangular Chandelier Angebot£498.00 - £678.00 Angebot£415.00 - £565.00(Inc VAT) (Excl VAT)
Grosvenor PendantGrosvenor Pendant
Grosvenor Pendant Angebot£169.00 Angebot£140.83(Inc VAT) (Excl VAT)
Grosvenor Pendant Staircase ChandelierGrosvenor Pendant Staircase Chandelier
Grosvenor Pendant Staircase Chandelier Angebot£640.00 - £2,812.00 Angebot£533.33 - £2,343.33(Inc VAT) (Excl VAT)
Isso Circular ChandelierIsso Circular Chandelier
Isso Circular Chandelier Angebot£1,455.00 - £3,471.00 Angebot£1,212.50 - £2,892.50(Inc VAT) (Excl VAT)
Isso Rectangular ChandelierIsso Rectangular Chandelier
Isso Rectangular Chandelier Angebot£1,372.00 - £1,929.00 Angebot£1,143.33 - £1,607.50(Inc VAT) (Excl VAT)
Isso Wall LightIsso Wall Light
Isso Wall Light Angebot£510.00 Angebot£425.00(Inc VAT) (Excl VAT)
Jobson Ring Circular ChandelierJobson Ring Circular Chandelier
Jobson Ring Circular Chandelier Angebot£390.00 - £1,260.00 Angebot£325.00 - £1,050.00(Inc VAT) (Excl VAT)
Jobson Trio Circular ChandelierJobson Trio Circular Chandelier
Jobson Trio Circular Chandelier Angebot£1,238.00 - £1,719.00 Angebot£1,031.67 - £1,432.50(Inc VAT) (Excl VAT)
Julio Circular ChandelierJulio Circular Chandelier
Julio Circular Chandelier Angebot£1,438.00 - £3,144.00 Angebot£1,198.33 - £2,620.00(Inc VAT) (Excl VAT)
Julio Rectangular ChandelierJulio Rectangular Chandelier
Julio Rectangular Chandelier Angebot£1,798.00 Angebot£1,498.33(Inc VAT) (Excl VAT)
Kadupul PendantKadupul Pendant
Kadupul Pendant Angebot£362.00 - £906.00 Angebot£301.67 - £755.00(Inc VAT) (Excl VAT)
Kensington Circular ChandelierKensington Circular Chandelier
Kensington Circular Chandelier Angebot£608.00 - £2,152.00 Angebot£506.67 - £1,793.33(Inc VAT) (Excl VAT)
Kensington Rectangular ChandelierKensington Rectangular Chandelier
Kensington Rectangular Chandelier Angebot£949.00 - £1,248.00 Angebot£790.83 - £1,040.00(Inc VAT) (Excl VAT)
Kiara Ceiling LightKiara Ceiling Light
Kiara Ceiling Light Angebot£698.00 - £1,247.00 Angebot£581.67 - £1,039.17(Inc VAT) (Excl VAT)
Lawrie Spiral Staircase ChandelierLawrie Spiral Staircase Chandelier
Lawrie Spiral Staircase Chandelier Angebot£1,692.00 - £2,302.00 Angebot£1,410.00 - £1,918.33(Inc VAT) (Excl VAT)
Leblon Wall LightLeblon Wall Light
Leblon Wall Light Angebot£332.00 - £494.00 Angebot£276.67 - £411.67(Inc VAT) (Excl VAT)
Liscio Pendant Staircase ChandelierLiscio Pendant Staircase Chandelier
Liscio Pendant Staircase Chandelier Angebot£751.00 - £2,912.00 Angebot£625.83 - £2,426.67(Inc VAT) (Excl VAT)
Livadia PendantLivadia Pendant
Livadia Pendant Angebot£677.00 - £1,581.00 Angebot£564.17 - £1,317.50(Inc VAT) (Excl VAT)
Livadia Pendant IILivadia Pendant II
Livadia Pendant II Angebot£923.00 - £2,052.00 Angebot£769.17 - £1,710.00(Inc VAT) (Excl VAT)
Lomazzo Circular ChandelierLomazzo Circular Chandelier
Lomazzo Circular Chandelier Angebot£1,268.00 - £2,769.00 Angebot£1,056.67 - £2,307.50(Inc VAT) (Excl VAT)
Lomazzo Rectangular ChandelierLomazzo Rectangular Chandelier
Lomazzo Rectangular Chandelier Angebot£1,487.00 - £1,787.00 Angebot£1,239.17 - £1,489.17(Inc VAT) (Excl VAT)
Lomazzo Wall LightLomazzo Wall Light
Lomazzo Wall Light Angebot£314.00 Angebot£261.67(Inc VAT) (Excl VAT)
Lorenzo Circular ChandelierLorenzo Circular Chandelier
Lorenzo Circular Chandelier Angebot£969.00 - £1,500.00 Angebot£807.50 - £1,250.00(Inc VAT) (Excl VAT)
Lorenzo Rectangular ChandelierLorenzo Rectangular Chandelier
Lorenzo Rectangular Chandelier Angebot£1,455.00 Angebot£1,212.50(Inc VAT) (Excl VAT)
Lorenzo Wall LightLorenzo Wall Light
Lorenzo Wall Light Angebot£245.00 Angebot£204.17(Inc VAT) (Excl VAT)
Madison PendantMadison Pendant
Madison Pendant Angebot£365.00 Angebot£304.17(Inc VAT) (Excl VAT)
Madison Rectangular ChandelierMadison Rectangular Chandelier
Madison Rectangular Chandelier Angebot£1,040.00 Angebot£866.67(Inc VAT) (Excl VAT)
Malahide Circular ChandelierMalahide Circular Chandelier
Malahide Circular Chandelier Angebot£569.00 - £2,311.00 Angebot£474.17 - £1,925.83(Inc VAT) (Excl VAT)
Malahide Rectangular ChandelierMalahide Rectangular Chandelier
Malahide Rectangular Chandelier Angebot£973.00 - £1,295.00 Angebot£810.83 - £1,079.17(Inc VAT) (Excl VAT)