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Adlington Collection

Style and craftsmanship intertwine to create exquisite chain-styled lighting fixtures. Explore our curated selection of high-end, luxury, and bespoke lighting pieces, meticulously crafted from premium materials such as Aluminium, Iron, and Stainless Steel.

Each piece in the Adlington Collection showcases exceptional design, attention to detail, and a perfect blend of elegance and durability. From chandeliers to wall lights, our collection offers a range of options to add a touch of sophistication to your interior spaces. Discover the allure of the Adlington Collection and illuminate your space with Vorelli Lighting's exceptional chain-styled lighting.

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Adlington Arc Rectangular ChandelierAdlington Arc Rectangular Chandelier
Adlington Arc Rectangular Chandelier Angebot£638.00 - £826.00 Angebot£531.67 - £688.33(Inc VAT) (Excl VAT)
Adlington Circular ChandelierAdlington Circular Chandelier
Adlington Circular Chandelier Angebot£360.00 - £902.00 Angebot£300.00 - £751.67(Inc VAT) (Excl VAT)
Adlington Rectangular ChandelierAdlington Rectangular Chandelier
Adlington Rectangular Chandelier Angebot£895.00 - £1,248.00 Angebot£745.83 - £1,040.00(Inc VAT) (Excl VAT)
Adlington Wall LightAdlington Wall Light
Adlington Wall Light Angebot£228.00 Angebot£190.00(Inc VAT) (Excl VAT)