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#1 Matte Black

Adds a sophisticated and modern touch, imparting a sleek, understated elegance to any interior space. Its muted tones create a calming atmosphere while offering a contemporary aesthetic that complements a wide range of decor styles.

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Alora Wall LightAlora Wall Light
Alora Wall Light Angebot£689.00 Angebot£574.17(Inc VAT) (Excl VAT)
Astoria Circular ChandelierAstoria Circular Chandelier
Astoria Circular Chandelier Angebot£830.00 - £1,667.00 Angebot£691.67 - £1,389.17(Inc VAT) (Excl VAT)
Astoria Rectangular ChandelierAstoria Rectangular Chandelier
Astoria Rectangular Chandelier Angebot£1,175.00 Angebot£979.17(Inc VAT) (Excl VAT)
Avezzano Pendant Staircase ChandelierAvezzano Pendant Staircase Chandelier
Avezzano Pendant Staircase Chandelier Angebot£263.00 - £2,218.00 Angebot£219.17 - £1,848.33(Inc VAT) (Excl VAT)
Beckenham Ceiling LightBeckenham Ceiling Light
Beckenham Ceiling Light Angebot£903.00 - £1,723.00 Angebot£752.50 - £1,435.83(Inc VAT) (Excl VAT)
Beckenham Circular ChandelierBeckenham Circular Chandelier
Beckenham Circular Chandelier Angebot£903.00 - £1,723.00 Angebot£752.50 - £1,435.83(Inc VAT) (Excl VAT)
Belvedere Circular ChandelierBelvedere Circular Chandelier
Belvedere Circular Chandelier Angebot£941.00 - £3,058.00 Angebot£784.17 - £2,548.33(Inc VAT) (Excl VAT)
Belvedere Rectangular ChandelierBelvedere Rectangular Chandelier
Belvedere Rectangular Chandelier Angebot£1,102.00 - £1,895.00 Angebot£918.33 - £1,579.17(Inc VAT) (Excl VAT)
Belvedere Wall LightBelvedere Wall Light
Belvedere Wall Light Angebot£286.00 Angebot£238.33(Inc VAT) (Excl VAT)
Boeotia Ceiling LightBoeotia Ceiling Light
Boeotia Ceiling Light Angebot£795.00 - £1,838.00 Angebot£662.50 - £1,531.67(Inc VAT) (Excl VAT)
Boeotia Circular ChandelierBoeotia Circular Chandelier
Boeotia Circular Chandelier Angebot£757.00 - £5,040.00 Angebot£630.83 - £4,200.00(Inc VAT) (Excl VAT)
Boeotia Rectangular ChandelierBoeotia Rectangular Chandelier
Boeotia Rectangular Chandelier Angebot£1,126.00 - £1,537.00 Angebot£938.33 - £1,280.83(Inc VAT) (Excl VAT)
Boeotia Spiral Staircase ChandelierBoeotia Spiral Staircase Chandelier
Boeotia Spiral Staircase Chandelier Angebot£1,648.00 - £7,359.00 Angebot£1,373.33 - £6,132.50(Inc VAT) (Excl VAT)
Boeotia Spiral Staircase Chandelier IIBoeotia Spiral Staircase Chandelier II
Boeotia Spiral Staircase Chandelier II Angebot£1,810.00 - £8,536.00 Angebot£1,508.33 - £7,113.33(Inc VAT) (Excl VAT)
Carlito Pendant Staircase ChandelierCarlito Pendant Staircase Chandelier
Carlito Pendant Staircase Chandelier Angebot£868.00 - £1,680.00 Angebot£723.33 - £1,400.00(Inc VAT) (Excl VAT)
Condotti Circular ChandelierCondotti Circular Chandelier
Condotti Circular Chandelier Angebot£1,218.00 - £4,026.00 Angebot£1,015.00 - £3,355.00(Inc VAT) (Excl VAT)
Cowley PendantCowley Pendant
Cowley Pendant Angebot£175.00 Angebot£145.83(Inc VAT) (Excl VAT)
Cowley Pendant Staircase ChandelierCowley Pendant Staircase Chandelier
Cowley Pendant Staircase Chandelier Angebot£379.00 - £1,712.00 Angebot£315.83 - £1,426.67(Inc VAT) (Excl VAT)
Crenshaw Pendant Staircase ChandelierCrenshaw Pendant Staircase Chandelier
Crenshaw Pendant Staircase Chandelier Angebot£296.00 - £4,007.00 Angebot£246.67 - £3,339.17(Inc VAT) (Excl VAT)
Doral Circular ChandelierDoral Circular Chandelier
Doral Circular Chandelier Angebot£825.00 - £2,418.00 Angebot£687.50 - £2,015.00(Inc VAT) (Excl VAT)
Doral Rectangular ChandelierDoral Rectangular Chandelier
Doral Rectangular Chandelier Angebot£780.00 - £1,049.00 Angebot£650.00 - £874.17(Inc VAT) (Excl VAT)
Doral Wall LightDoral Wall Light
Doral Wall Light Angebot£357.00 Angebot£297.50(Inc VAT) (Excl VAT)
Douala Circular ChandelierDouala Circular Chandelier
Douala Circular Chandelier Angebot£761.00 - £1,999.00 Angebot£634.17 - £1,665.83(Inc VAT) (Excl VAT)
Spare £248.00Douala Circular Chandelier
Douala Circular Chandelier Angebot£700.00 Angebot£583.33 Regulärer Preis£948.00 Regulärer Preis£790.00(Inc VAT) (Excl VAT)
Douala Rectangular ChandelierDouala Rectangular Chandelier
Douala Rectangular Chandelier Angebot£647.00 Angebot£539.17(Inc VAT) (Excl VAT)
Douala Wall LightDouala Wall Light
Douala Wall Light Angebot£280.00 Angebot£233.33(Inc VAT) (Excl VAT)
Dunleavy Spiral Staircase ChandelierDunleavy Spiral Staircase Chandelier
Dunleavy Spiral Staircase Chandelier Angebot£1,275.00 - £5,914.00 Angebot£1,062.50 - £4,928.33(Inc VAT) (Excl VAT)
Emiliano PendantEmiliano Pendant
Emiliano Pendant Angebot£202.00 Angebot£168.33(Inc VAT) (Excl VAT)
Emiliano Pendant Staircase ChandelierEmiliano Pendant Staircase Chandelier
Emiliano Pendant Staircase Chandelier Angebot£455.00 - £2,956.00 Angebot£379.17 - £2,463.33(Inc VAT) (Excl VAT)
Emiliano Rectangular ChandelierEmiliano Rectangular Chandelier
Emiliano Rectangular Chandelier Angebot£482.00 - £840.00 Angebot£401.67 - £700.00(Inc VAT) (Excl VAT)
Foshan Pendant Staircase ChandelierFoshan Pendant Staircase Chandelier
Foshan Pendant Staircase Chandelier Angebot£658.00 - £3,450.00 Angebot£548.33 - £2,875.00(Inc VAT) (Excl VAT)
Gotham Ceiling LightGotham Ceiling Light
Gotham Ceiling Light Angebot£868.00 - £4,966.00 Angebot£723.33 - £4,138.33(Inc VAT) (Excl VAT)
Gotham Circular ChandelierGotham Circular Chandelier
Gotham Circular Chandelier Angebot£850.00 - £4,947.00 Angebot£708.33 - £4,122.50(Inc VAT) (Excl VAT)
Gotham PendantGotham Pendant
Gotham Pendant Angebot£454.00 Angebot£378.33(Inc VAT) (Excl VAT)
Gotham Rectangular ChandelierGotham Rectangular Chandelier
Gotham Rectangular Chandelier Angebot£1,009.00 - £2,428.00 Angebot£840.83 - £2,023.33(Inc VAT) (Excl VAT)
Gotham Spiral Staircase ChandelierGotham Spiral Staircase Chandelier
Gotham Spiral Staircase Chandelier Angebot£1,810.00 - £8,536.00 Angebot£1,508.33 - £7,113.33(Inc VAT) (Excl VAT)
Gotham Wall LightGotham Wall Light
Gotham Wall Light Angebot£288.00 Angebot£240.00(Inc VAT) (Excl VAT)
Spare £622.50Marcello Ring Staircase ChandelierMarcello Ring Staircase Chandelier
Marcello Ring Staircase Chandelier Angebot£1,867.50 Angebot£1,556.25 Regulärer Preis£2,490.00 Regulärer Preis£2,075.00(Inc VAT) (Excl VAT)
Mayfair Pendant Staircase ChandelierMayfair Pendant Staircase Chandelier
Mayfair Pendant Staircase Chandelier Angebot£864.00 - £2,371.00 Angebot£720.00 - £1,975.83(Inc VAT) (Excl VAT)
Milltimber Ceiling LightMilltimber Ceiling Light
Milltimber Ceiling Light Angebot£633.00 - £1,798.00 Angebot£527.50 - £1,498.33(Inc VAT) (Excl VAT)
Milltimber Circular ChandelierMilltimber Circular Chandelier
Milltimber Circular Chandelier Angebot£795.00 - £1,671.00 Angebot£662.50 - £1,392.50(Inc VAT) (Excl VAT)
Milltimber Grandeur Staircase ChandelierMilltimber Grandeur Staircase Chandelier
Milltimber Grandeur Staircase Chandelier Angebot£813.00 - £4,061.00 Angebot£677.50 - £3,384.17(Inc VAT) (Excl VAT)
Milltimber Grandeur Staircase Chandelier IIMilltimber Grandeur Staircase Chandelier II
Milltimber Grandeur Staircase Chandelier II Angebot£9,982.00 - £11,655.00 Angebot£8,318.33 - £9,712.50(Inc VAT) (Excl VAT)
Milltimber PendantMilltimber Pendant
Milltimber Pendant Angebot£632.00 - £795.00 Angebot£526.67 - £662.50(Inc VAT) (Excl VAT)
Milltimber Rectangular ChandelierMilltimber Rectangular Chandelier
Milltimber Rectangular Chandelier Angebot£1,182.00 - £1,531.00 Angebot£985.00 - £1,275.83(Inc VAT) (Excl VAT)
Milltimber Spiral Staircase ChandelierMilltimber Spiral Staircase Chandelier
Milltimber Spiral Staircase Chandelier Angebot£1,692.00 - £5,302.00 Angebot£1,410.00 - £4,418.33(Inc VAT) (Excl VAT)
Milltimber Wall LightMilltimber Wall Light
Milltimber Wall Light Angebot£284.00 Angebot£236.67(Inc VAT) (Excl VAT)
Mykonos Wall LightMykonos Wall Light
Mykonos Wall Light Angebot£253.00 - £345.00 Angebot£210.83 - £287.50(Inc VAT) (Excl VAT)