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History of Chandeliers

Chandeliers began in the form of candle holders in the 11th century in medieval churches and castles, chandeliers have evolved into opulent symbols of luxury, boasting intricate glass and metalwork that shape the very essence of interior design. We draw inspiration from both rich tradition, design and craftsmanship.


A majestic spectacle manufactured in 1061, featuring a six-meter gilt copper hoop adorned with Latin inscriptions and intricate foliage motifs. Crowned with seventy-two candles nestled within square merlons.


A remarkable piece of Romanesque art, was crafted in 1062, showcasing the elegance of medieval craftsmanship. Its intricate design and historical significance continue to captivate and inspire to this day.

Continuing Tradition

Craftsmanship Inspired by Timeless Designs

In the 21st century, we take pride in continuing this craftsmanship and tradition. Drawing inspiration from these timeless designs, we infuse that energy into each of our creations. Each piece reflects a harmonious blend of history and modernity.