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Chartrons Collection

Immerse yourself in the captivating beauty of these handcrafted ceiling lights, meticulously crafted from a harmonious blend of crystal, iron, and stainless steel.

The Chartrons Collection showcases exquisite designs that seamlessly blend elegance and opulence, creating a truly enchanting ambiance. Elevate your space with these extraordinary pieces and let their radiant glow transform your surroundings into a haven of luxury.

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Chartrons Circular Ceiling LightChartrons Circular Ceiling Light
Chartrons Circular Ceiling Light Angebot£595.00 - £2,387.00 Angebot£495.83 - £1,989.17(Inc VAT) (Excl VAT)
Chartrons Rectangular Ceiling LightChartrons Rectangular Ceiling Light
Chartrons Rectangular Ceiling Light Angebot£1,017.00 - £1,907.00 Angebot£847.50 - £1,589.17(Inc VAT) (Excl VAT)
Chartrons Square Ceiling LightChartrons Square Ceiling Light
Chartrons Square Ceiling Light Angebot£603.00 - £1,612.00 Angebot£502.50 - £1,343.33(Inc VAT) (Excl VAT)