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Belair Rectangular Chandelier

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Emitting Colour:

Emitting Colour


Introducing the Belair Rectangular Chandelier by Vorelli Lighting, a true embodiment of luxury and sophistication. Meticulously crafted with an impeccable attention to detail, this stunning lighting fixture showcases a perfect fusion of crystal and stainless steel. The rectangular design of the chandelier exudes a sense of contemporary elegance, making it a captivating centerpiece for any discerning buyer.

The Belair Chandelier casts a mesmerising glow, illuminating your space with a radiant brilliance that reflects off the exquisite crystal elements. Each facet of the chandelier has been meticulously designed to create a play of light and shadows, adding depth and dimension to your surroundings. This high-end masterpiece exemplifies Vorelli Lighting's commitment to delivering bespoke lighting creations that surpass expectations.

With its sleek and refined aesthetic, the Belair Rectangular Chandelier seamlessly integrates into various interior styles, whether it be a modern minimalist space or a lavish traditional setting. Its versatile design allows it to effortlessly elevate the ambiance and create a captivating focal point that commands attention.

Vorelli Lighting, renowned for its high-end, luxury, and bespoke lighting solutions, presents the Belair Rectangular Chandelier as a symbol of refined taste and uncompromising quality. Immerse yourself in the allure of opulence and transform your space into a haven of elegance and grandeur.

Experience the epitome of sophistication with the Belair Rectangular Chandelier by Vorelli Lighting. Let this masterpiece illuminate your space, creating an enchanting atmosphere that elevates your decor to new heights. Shop now and indulge in the luxury of bespoke lighting from Vorelli Lighting, where exceptional craftsmanship meets timeless beauty.

 Crystal & Stainless Steel
Emitting Colour: Cool White / Warm White

Diameter: 1100mm
Height: 220mm
Width: 350mm
Weight: 25kg
Drop: 1200mm (Adjustable)

Standard Ceiling Plate: D550mm x H120mm x W25mm

Bulb: G9 LED 
Bulb Included: No
Bulb Quantity: 22
Dimmable: Yes
Voltage: 110-240V
Wattage: 110W

Metalwork Finish:
#4 Titanium Gold
#8 Brushed Copper
#12 Chrome
#13 Brushed Titanium Gold