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Emiliano Pendant Staircase Chandelier

Цена по акции£455.00 Цена по акции£379.17 (Inc VAT) (Excl VAT)

Ceiling Plate Colour:

Ceiling Plate Colour

Emitting Colour:

Emitting Colour




Introducing the Emiliano Staircase Chandelier by Vorelli – a bespoke designer masterpiece that redefines luxury interior lighting. Elevate your ambiance with this custom-made pendant-style chandelier, meticulously crafted to infuse your space with opulent charm, contemporary design, and exclusive elegance.

The Emiliano Chandelier is not just a light fixture; it's an artful creation that offers a range of customisation options. Choose between Amber, Clear, and Smoky Grey crystal variations, or opt for a captivating mixture of all three to achieve the full effect. The chandelier's pendant style lends an exquisite touch to any staircase or vertical space.

Every detail is tailored to perfection. Customised drops ensure the light fits seamlessly into your interiors, creating a statement that reflects your unique style. The ceiling plate, constructed from Stainless Steel, offers durability and sophistication. With 12 different metalwork finishes to choose from, you can match the chandelier to your interior with precision. Even the suspension wire colour can be customised, allowing for a cohesive and harmonious design.

Experience the grandeur of bespoke brilliance that complements your refined taste. The Emiliano Staircase Chandelier becomes an integral part of your interior, exuding an ambiance of elegance and style. Let this chandelier redefine your decor, elevating your space into a realm of customisable contemporary luxury.

Elevate your interior with the personalised beauty of the Emiliano Staircase Chandelier by Vorelli. Explore a world where luxury is tailored to your vision, where contemporary design is elevated to an art form, and where each glow resonates with your individuality. Immerse yourself in the opulence of designer luxury and let your space shine with sophistication and uniqueness.

Crystal & Stainless Steel
Emitting Colour: Cool White / Warm White

Ceiling Plate Diameter: 200mm / 300mm / 400mm / 500mm / 600mm / 700mm / 800mm
Pendant Height: 120mm / 120mm / 120mm / 120mm / 120mm / 120mm / 120mm
Cable Drop: 1500mm / 1500mm / 2000mm / 2500mm / 2500mm / 3000mm / 3000mm (Adjustable)
Weight: 6kg / 13kg / 18kg / 28kg / 36kg / 42kg / 50kg

Bulb: G4 LED
Bulb Included: No
Bulb Quantity: 3 / 5 / 8 / 12 / 15 / 18 / 21
Dimmable: Yes
Voltage: 90-260V
Wattage: 9W / 15W / 24W / 36W / 45W / 54W / 63W

Metalwork Finishes:
#1 Matte Black
#3 Matte White
#8 Brushed Copper (with #13 Brushed Titanium Gold ceiling plate)
#12 Chrome