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Milltimber Ceiling Light

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Emitting Colour:

Emitting Colour




Introducing the Milltimber Ceiling Light by Vorelli Lighting, a luminary masterpiece designed to bring modern elegance to spaces with low ceilings. Crafted with meticulous precision, this surface-mounted chandelier is a fusion of crystal and iron, showcasing exquisite handcrafted Italian design.

Designed to illuminate kitchens, dining rooms, bedrooms, and living rooms, the Milltimber Ceiling Light transcends its functional purpose to become a timeless piece of art. Its unique design not only provides brilliant illumination but also elevates the aesthetic appeal of any space it graces.

This versatile lighting fixture is more than just a source of light; it's a symbol of opulence and functionality. The Milltimber Ceiling Light offers bespoke options, allowing you to tailor it to your unique vision. Choose from a range of colours and sizes, ensuring a perfect fit for your interior.

Ideal for both domestic and commercial use, the Milltimber Ceiling Light is particularly well-suited for rooms with low ceilings. Its ability to seamlessly blend into various settings makes it an excellent choice for homes, hotels, and restaurants alike.

Experience the radiant glow and transform your surroundings into a haven of sophistication. Elevate your space with the artistry of bespoke lighting, exclusively curated by Vorelli Lighting UK. Discover how the Milltimber Ceiling Light can redefine the ambiance of your home or commercial space, bringing a touch of modern luxury to every corner.

Crystal & Iron
Emitting Colour: Cool White / Warm White

Diameter: 400mm / 600mm / 800mm
Height: 400mm / 400mm / 400mm
Weight: 9kg / 18kg / 30kg

Standard Ceiling Plate: 300mm / 500mm / 700mm

Bulb: E14 LED
Bulb Included: No
Bulb Quantity: 6 / 9 / 15
Dimmable: Yes
Voltage: 90-260V
Wattage: 30W / 45W / 75W

Metalwork Finishes:
#1 Matte Black
#4 Titanium Gold
#5 Electro Gold
#6 Light Gold
#7 Rose Gold
#8 Brushed Copper
#9 Brushed 18K Gold
#10 Gold Bronze
#11 Brushed Yellow Bronze
#12 Chrome
#13 Brushed Titanium Gold
#14 Matte Gold